Setting the bar for cannabis-based active pharmaceutical ingredients

Stabican offers pharmaceutical companies a solution to current shelf-life stability-, solubility-, bioavailability- and processing problems of full-spectrum cannabis extracts and isolates (incl. Δ9-THC). Our proprietary Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Powder meets all the quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry and at the same time makes strong IP-protection of the API and the final drug possible.

Our cannabis-based API’s can be used in a wide range of applications including sustained release oral solid dosage forms, semisolid, dry-powder inhalers (DPI), liquid formulations, E-liquids and transdermal applications. With the knowledge of our experienced team, we can adapt our product platform to the needs of our customers. Together with our trusted partners, we can work with you to ensure that your discoveries have a proof-of-concept that has speed and efficiency built in to accelerate your molecule’s journey to First-In-Human studies.

Stable at room temperature

Easy to process & store

Offers IP-protection

The problem:

The usage of standardized cannabis extracts in medicinal products has become common and popular. However, during the extraction, formulation and storage of the products, the active components are exposed to oxidation, hydrolysis, microbial attack and other environmental degradation which poses a problem of stability to the products. E.g. when Δ9-THC gets in contact with light, oxygen or room temperature it can degrade into CBN, a different active ingredient with a different biological activity. Most cannabinoids also suffer from poor and variable bioavailability.

The solution:

The stability of drug formulations is aimed at assuring that the drug product remains within the specifications established to ensure its identity, strength, quality and purity. Each ingredient, whether therapeutically active or inactive, in a dosage form, can affect stability. Stabican has developed a process and product that guarantees the physical and chemical stability of cannabis extracts at room temperature. Our process maintains the chemical composition of the used extracts and isolates. The oily and resinous cannabis extracts and isolates are converted into a solid powder, providing a reproducible bioavailability and improving the handling during manufacturing and storage


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